Fleeting moments… back to back – isn’t that essentially what life is? And isn’t it sad that most of them just evaporate away from our minds as time passes? If only we could catch them and lock them away in special little sparkly boxes…

In a way, though, we can!  That’s why I have such a passion for photography. It is a way to hold on to dear moments: sometimes to look back on them and other times to proudly show them off to people we are close to, so they too, can celebrate and remember with us.

My style is soft, natural. My favourite shots are often the ones I get when people don’t realise I’m taking them. The way people look at each other. A genuine laugh – it’s just so precious!

I spend as much time contemplating the way I’d like to edit your images as I do planning the initial shot.   The initial image captures the essence, and editing enhances it.  I’m glad that my background in graphic art can assist me in creating what I envision in my mind.

Although my two main focusses ;-) are wedding- and new born photography, I don’t limit myself to certain genres. I also love capturing families, events and products.

Having been through a wedding and a birth (of my beautiful son) myself, I feel that I am more in tune with where my clients are coming from. I get the nerves and excitement that goes with weddings and I get the overwhelming love a mother (and father) has for their brand new bundle. I feel that “getting it” in that sense, means that I can capture it better.

So please get in touch and ask me anything you may be pondering or just a comment if you like – I love to get feedback! We can also get together for a quick coffee and a chat if you prefer to meet face-to-face.

Thank you for stopping by – I sincerely hope to hear from you!

Warm Regards,
Astrid Nel




In loving memory of my younger brother and avid photographer himself, Urich Nel