Oh Those Traditions…

9 Mar 2018

Cutting the cake, the first dance and then tossing flowers and garters around. Traditions can be so much fun! And even though many couples decide to forego them, many others still like the idea of carrying through the tradition. But how to they fit into your day? When would be the best time to do them… and how now!?

Through my work I’ve attended many, many weddings. And it gave me a fly-on-the-wall kind of view on what works best. Of course there are no rules and each couple has to do what works for them. But here’s what I’ve observed…

It works really well to cut your cake as you walk into your reception. Why? Because all your guests are focussed on you. Everyone is cheering and everyone is very involved in the moment. It also gives the caterers plenty of time to cut the cake and have it ready for dessert – if that is what you wish to do with it. I’ve noticed that more often than not, when couples cut their cake after dinner, many of the guests are scattered around and few guests really pay attention to it. And when you’ve spent so much money on that gorgeous cake, why would you not make a big deal of it!?

So it’s just after dinner and your guests are getting fidgety – especially the younger crowd – the party needs to start! You guests are waiting for you to open the dance floor. It is very easy to loose track of time on your wedding day, so ask someone responsible (if not the MC) to remind you to open the floor on time. I’ve often experienced weddings where some guests start getting ready to leave because the couple hadn’t opened the floor by 21:30 to 22:00. Get that party going!

It is also a good idea to either dance 3/4 of your song just the two of you, or dancing the whole song by yourselves. As a photographer I love it when couples do that because I can get so many more great dancing photo’s! If your bridal party and family join in too soon, not only will there be fewer photographs and video footage of just you two, but why have such a special moment be shortened so soon? You could always ask the bridal party to join in on a 2nd special song you chose, right after.However, if you’re a tad shy and not too nuts about dancing… or just really suck at it… by all means, keep it at a comfortable length of time for yourselves.

Garter and bouquet tossing – usually the last “formality” before the party really gets going! Be sure to do

this before your photographer and videographers leave – you can get some very amusing shots if you’re lucky! Ladies first… and yes, aim for that special friend who has done so much for you! ;-) Then the guys are up! Grooms! Please listen – LOL! – once you have that garter in your hand, don’t just immediately toss it without warning – this makes it very difficult for your photographer to anticipate and capture – and many grooms do this. Hold the garter, and build up some anticipation before tossing it. It’s also really funny to see your friends eagerly hopping around like hungry puppies! :-)

These are just things I’ve noticed at weddings, but remember that each couple is unique, and each wedding is unique and you should just do what makes your little loved-up hearts happy!






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