richard ♥ jenna

Richard and Jenna got married at one of my fav venues – the stunning Bon Cap in Robertson. As always they did an amazing job with the decor – peppered with all sorts of fun little trinkets and an array of flowers.

Jenna later slipped into what I can only describe as an utterly breathtaking wedding dress! Her bridesmaids took care of her every whim – what a lucky lady!

A stunning ceremony was held in the garden in a tranquil, relaxed atmosphere. After we went for the first portion of their wedding photo’s, it was time to enter the reception for speeches and starters. But the pair made the excellent decision to sneak off with me for the 2nd part of their couple shoot – to catch the sunset. We really got magical images!

May all your dreams come true, Richard and Jenna! You may also view their engagement shoot here.